Our Mission

We strive to grow the highest quality microgreens possible in a controlled environment year-round to provide an infinite supply of microgreens to our customers.  We believe that a natural approach is the best approach when it comes to producing food, so we use an all-natural growing medium paired with filtered water to grow our microgreens. We never use pesticides or fertilizers and we constantly monitor our grow room to ensure the safest growing environment possible. We believe in the importance of fresh, locally grown produce and we strive to facilitate the creation of a world where locally grown microgreens are easy to purchase, store, and use.

Our Team


Joseph Rigoroso

chief executive officer

Joe first began growing microgreens in his dorm room at SUNY Binghamton as a way to save money and improve his personal health while having fun. He has always had a passion for entrepreneurship and gardening, and saw the opportunity to combine the two in the creation of Infiniti Greens.

Brianna Hulbert

finance intern

Brianna has years of experience working in several different agricultural businesses. She is currently a senior studying economics at SUNY Binghamton. With her hands-on experience in agriculture and her passion for budgeting and bookkeeping, she was the perfect addition to the team. 

Why Grow Microgreens?

People always ask us why we choose to specialize in growing microgreens. For us, the answer is simple; microgreens offer several advantages that make them our favorite crop to grow:

Year-round production

Since we grow our microgreens indoors in a controlled environment, we are able to easily produce our microgreens year-round and deliver a constant supply of freshly harvested microgreens to our customers. 

nutritious & flavorful

Microgreens may be small, but their flavors are big and they are extremely nutrient dense. All of our microgreens are packed full of important vitamins and minerals that boost personal health and immune system functionality.

easy to store & use

We harvest our microgreens to order, delivering them in sealed boxes. Most varieties have a shelf life of about a week in the fridge and they are incredibly easy to use – just add a handful to your meal or enjoy right out of the box!

Check out the microgreens we grow and learn more about their benefits!

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